ISz ... to visually articulate 'oneness' of being

Call me ISz

I chose this name and identity because it expresses that which simply “is” – the immediate and active life-state and timeless connection with all things.

It is from this connection, this oneness, that my images emerge. But it is the lack of oneness in global society that is the driving force behind my passion. I am compelled to help fill the void caused by this emptiness in the human spirit by creating a collection of visually disparate raw materials with which the viewer can engage. Those participating/playing with my imagery bring their own unique energy to my creations and can manipulate my artwork/play in profoundly individual ways. Hopefully, a greater sense of self will merge with an evolved connection with all who share the experience.

Using line, shape, color and composition I attempt to generate a simple/complex unity throughout.

Humor is an important aspect of my images as it provides a needed counterpoint to the serious nature of my message. A smile or laugh always helps. I also incorporate the ‘stick figure’ in my more anecdotal pen and ink images, depicting the masses working/playing together to achieve a common goal.

The two distinctly different approaches serve to intensify the overall effect of my creative process- to instill in the viewer a more elevated sense of the unique nature of each, and every one of us and our connection with one another.